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Class C1 at Christmas

24th Dec 2019

We in class C1 are all a bit fitter as we reach Christmas. Do you want to know why? Well in September we embarked on a mission to try to walk a mile every day. While we may have missed a few days over the course of the past 4 months we did for the most part accomplish our goal. All have enjoyed being involved and we look forward to continuing our walks I’m 2020!

Class C1 also put on a fantastic assembly on Monday 2nd December. We based our assembly on a few key words ‘listen’ and ‘follow instructions’. We related these to the season of Advent and Christmas. We wished to demonstrate how hard it can be to listen and indeed follow instructions. As we in Class C1 like to have audience participation and engagement we managed to have a number of staff on stage and even Mr McFeeters was dancing for the entire secondary school.

We attended the RDA horse riding Christmas party on Thursday 12th December. A wonderful time was had by all and a very special guest appeared (Santa) in a lovely green Citroen car and all pupils received a present.

We would like to wish all our pupils, staff and their families a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!