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A Tribute to Mrs Louise Blair

13th Oct 2020

A Tribute to Mrs Louise Blair who passed away on 7th August 2020

Louise started Castle Tower in 2009 at the age of 23.  She was young, quiet and bursting with enthusiasm.  She was delighted to work with children with special needs and she soon became a permanent member of staff travelling long distances every day from Derryloran. As the years passed, she grew in confidence and knowledge and made many friends. Louise often shared stories of her love for motorbikes, fast cars and travelling. At every opportunity, Louise would travel the world visiting different places such as Canada, Australia and Italy to name a few.  She was also never one to turn down a challenge; obtaining her motorcycle license and doing sky dives.


The children of Castle Tower were another of Louise’s great loves.  She particularly enjoyed working with children with ASD and was eager to learn as much as she could.  Louise was often attending courses, workshops and doing research in her own time to develop her knowledge.  Her love for her profession and the children was evident when you entered her classroom, where each child was treated with care and compassion.  Louise really put her heart and soul into her pupils.


Over the past decade, staff at Castle Tower have seen Louise grow and flourish.  The staffroom conversations naturally changed from holiday adventures to discussions about her dog Rodney and husband Gary, who many of us saw Louise marry in 2016.  A few years later, Louise and Gary welcomed their own little blessing, a baby boy called Jaxon, making their family complete.  Like most things in her life, Louise excelled at being a mum.  She took joy in every little moment she had with her family.  Throughout her hardest of days, Louise remained strong and positive with a fighting spirit.  She was determined to see her little boy start school.  She was determined to walk through her classroom doors again and return to Castle Tower.  That day never came.


The staff and children who knew Louise will remember her as loving, caring and happy.  So very happy in her life and work.    Louise wasn’t just a work colleague.  She wasn’t just a teacher.  She was a fighter.  Our friend. We will miss her.