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10B Money Topic

22nd Jan 2020

As part of Year 10’s topic on money, Class 10B took part in a budgeting challenge which included 6 weekly visits to local supermarkets. To begin they were given £20 and they had to work out how much they had to spend each week.

During their visits the pupils had to choose a few different items and work out how much the total cost would be for them, as well as how much change they would get before purchasing. As a group they were able to budget their money each week and work together as a team to decide the items they would buy.

For the final week, the pupils then used the remainder of their money to purchase items in order to throw a Halloween party, to which they invited students from other classes.

The boys proved to complete this budgeting challenge very well, working together and sharing roles each week. Their behaviour in the supermarkets was excellent and it was great to see them interacting so well with others in the community!